In 2013, I was lucky to be selected as one of 10 undergraduate fellows of the British Ecological Society, which coincided with my final year as an undergraduate at the University of Hull, Scarborough Campus.

  1. What is the Undergraduate Fellowship Scheme (UFS)?
    This scheme allowed undergraduates who are studying ecology to participate in free careers events, recieve direct feedback by ecologists on their CV and attend CV workshops. Not only did we have support to further discuss the direction in which our careers could go, we represented the BES at Intecol 2013, managed social media channels such as twitter, had opportunities to get involved in developing science policy and influencing decision making and also play an active role in the works of the society, for example, organising the Undergraduate Careers Conference event in 2014 at Charles Darwin House.
  2. What responsibilities did you have at the Intecol conference?
    Our BES Mentor, Francisca Sconce met us at our accommodation and guided us on what to expect at the conference, held at the huge ExCel centre. We were introduced to the education manager Karen Devine and the International Network of Next Generation Ecologists (INNGE). During the week, we attended plenaries and workshops that were focused on our own interests, and  attended a number of talks for tropical rainforest conservation and insect ecology. 
  3. How did the fellows plan the Undergraduate Careers Conference?
    It was a challenging and rewarding experience to be handed over the group task of organising and running the Undergraduate Careers Conference in February 2014. As the fellows were based at a number of different universities spaced far and wide across the UK we delegated tasks and managed the speakers, catering and poster presentation remotely and by attending 2 meetings to finalise the event. I learnt a great deal about event organising and met a wealth of incredible talented scientists along the way.

I am incredibly greatful to the BES for selecting me as an UG Fellow. I learnt invaluable lessons regarding ecological careers, academia, poster presentations, communications skills and making long term friends with my undergraduate fellows.


UFS 2013/14 ALUMNI:

  1. Sarah Murtagh
  2. Mark Edwards
  3. Faith Jones
  4. Lydia White
  5. James Dowler
  6. Katie Jolly
  7. Josh Taylor
  8. Fevziye Hasan
  9. Lisa Wheeler
  10. Josh Nightingale

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