The biggest mistake in the decisions I made whilst traveling was to spend only 8 days in Taiwan. Little did I know that it is an absolute gem, not only for its stunning natural history but also the friendly and welcoming people, and delicious food…

I was lucky enough to spend a day walking in Taroko National Park where I learned about the beautiful marble geology of the Taroko gorge.

View from a bridge at Taroko National Park

Not sure what this plant is, a young fern?

Views of the marble gorge

Views of the marble gorge and turquoise clear river

Taiwanese termites Kalotermitidae: possibly Glyptotermes. Alates emerging for their nuptial flight and soldiers around to guard them

Kalotermitidae: possibly Glyptotermes

Formosan Giant Flying Squirrel (Sciuridae, Petaurista petaurista grandis)

 We all know they don’t actually fly. They glide! Or as Woody would put it, “falling with style”...

Taroko National Park Relief Map

The hello kitty train to Taroko!

After visiting Taroko, I went to 忘憂森林 in Nantou. It is known as the misty lotus forest – which was surrounded by tea plantations and a very peculiar swamp forest at the top of a very steep hill. Some referred to it as the daemon forest but I am not sure if that is its actual name.

Spooky swamp forest, Nantou

Misty forest, Nantou

Forest swamp

potentially Penthema formosanum

 Penthema formosanum is a butterfly endemic to Taiwan.
Hopefully, I will return to this wonderful country again in the future.