2019 – 2022        University of Waikato

.                            Ph.D Biological Sciences

2014 – 2015        Imperial College London 

                             M.Res. Ecology, Evolution and Conservation

2011 – 2014        University of Hull

.                              B.Sc. (Hons) Ecology



2018   Congress on Collections in the Anthropocene, NHM London

.           Archiving Superorganisms. Termite collections (talk)

2018    Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Society of Turkey      

             Evolutionary Genomics (Phylogenetics) Winter School

2017    California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco  

.            Women in Science: How I became an Entomologist (Talk)

2016    Linnean Society of London

            Young Entomologists’ Day Judge

2015    University of Malaysia, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

.            Soil Biodiversity Seminars: Termites of Sulawesi (Talk) 

2015    Royal Entomological Society, LSHTM  

            The genetics of resistance in pest Plutella xylostella. (Poster)

2014    BES Undergraduate Conference, Darwin House, London   

.            Chair of talks and introductions

2013    BES Mastering Ecology Symposium, Darwin House, London 

             Termite Diversity in SouthEast Asia (Poster)

2013     Intecol Ecology Conference, Excel Centre London

.             Undergraduate Fellow of the British Ecological Society

2010    Nuffield Science Bursary, British Science Association 

             Testing Bergmann’s Rule: Insects and Altitude (Poster)