2014 – 2015        Imperial College London

M.Res. Ecology, Evolution and Conservation

2011 – 2014        University of Hull

 B.Sc. (Hons) Ecology


2017    California Academy of Sciences

             Women in Science Talks: How I became an Entomologist 

2016   Linnean Society of London

      Young Entomologists’ Day Judge

2015    University of Malaysia, Sabah 

       Soil Biodiversity Seminars: Termites of Sulawesi (Talk) 

2015    Royal Entomological Society PG Forum  

      The genetics of resistance in Plutella xylostella. (Poster)

2014    BES Undergraduate Conference   

       Chair of talks and introductions

2013    BES Mastering Ecology Symposium  

      Termite Diversity in SouthEast Asia (Poster)

2013     Intecol Ecology Conference

      Undergraduate Fellow of the British Ecological Society

2010    Nuffield Science Bursary, British Science Association 

       Testing Bergmann’s Rule: Insects and Altitude (Poster)



Hannah M Griffiths, Louise A Ashton, Alice E Walker, Fevziye Hasan, Theodore Evans, Paul Eggleton and Catherine L Parr (2017) Ants are the major agents of food resource removal from tropical rainforest floors. Journal of Animal Ecology.

Liqin Zhou, Nina Alphey, Adam S. Walker, Laura Travers, Fevziye Hasan, Neil I. Morrison, Michael B. Bonsall, Ben Raymond (2017) Combining the high-dose/refuge strategy and self-limiting transgenic insects in resistance management – a test in experimental mesocosms.  Journal of Evolutionary Applications 

Fevziye Hasan, David T Jones, Syaukani Syaukani and Paul Eggleton (*) Geology and biogeography strongly limits termite diversity in Sulawesi. Journal of Tropical Ecology. (In preparation)

Fevziye Hasan, Louise A Ashton, Hannah M Griffiths, Catherine L Parr and Paul Eggleton (*) Ant-Termite Behavioural Ecology in Primary Rainforests in Borneo. Biotropica. (In preparation)