The Relevance of Collections in the Anthropocene: Super-Organisms

Archiving Superorganisms Termite Collections: Past, Present and Future Termites (Blattodea: Termitoidae) live in colonies, and have complex social systems comprising of kings, queens, nymphs, soldiers and workers. They build elaborate nests, which provide vital functions for the success of the colony, including  reproduction, nourishment, protection and dispersal. It is for this reason that the termite … Continue reading The Relevance of Collections in the Anthropocene: Super-Organisms

Genomics Winter School, Turkey

One week at an Evolutionary Genomics Winter School (2018) Hosted by the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Society of Turkey!

A year in STEM Outreach

I remember the feeling of excitement I had when I was contacted by the Imperial College London Outreach team in July 2009 letting me know that I had a place on the HEFCE Year 11 STEM Summer school. The following year I was successful in obtaining a Nuffield Science Bursary with Imperial Outreach and undertook … Continue reading A year in STEM Outreach

Sex, Bugs & Rock N Roll

On a bright and sunny June weekend in 2016, I was lucky to volunteer with the infamous outreach initiative, Sex & Bugs & Rock N' Roll run by the British Ecological Society! Fun activities included a colouring competition, ecological snakes and ladders, guess the poo (always very popular) and much more hosted by Wychwood Festival.   … Continue reading Sex, Bugs & Rock N Roll