My name is Fez and I am an ecologist. As a field scientist, I am interested in collecting and analysing data to further understand terrestrial ecosystems (predominantly tropical), with a particular focus on soil biodiversity, community interactions , biogeography and evolution. I am hugely excited about observing patterns in behaviour and evaluating abiotic components, such as soil type or El Niño. How will environmental and ecological systems respond to climate change and global warming?

The lab-based skills I have gained include projects to understand resistance management in pest insects using genetic techniques, and detection of chemical pesticides in the environment using spectroscopy (NMR and IR). I am always curious to learn new quantitative methods, and do so regularly by conducting statistical analyses in R-Studio.

I am passionate about scientific research and teaching. As a former outreach student from East London, I am a strong advocate for equality in education and learning! In my spare time I enjoy being in nature and hiking, as well as cooking and playing the violin!

Here is an interactive map of where ecology has taken me so far!